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Hi, I'm Tonya.

The hands and sarcastic brains behind MallyMoon.

I get a lot of questions about my shop name, so here's the truth...

My shop name is a combination of my daughter's name (Mallory) and going into labor during a full moon.  She was my first, so she got the shop name lol  (maybe I need a collection of works named after my other two kids...)  More on that later :))

My family recently packed up and moved 1200 miles to beautiful Key West, Florida and it has been amazing!  I am grateful to be surrounded by a wonderful creative community.

I am originally from Ohio with degrees in Art and Theatre and completely self-taught in pottery (with the help of my Instagram pottery friends and a lot of trial and error!)  My work is made one at a time using a variety of techniques with some bonus fingerprints and wonky lines.  I typically make my work without a plan and let my creativity be my guide.  I make an eclectic array of work and there will always be something *new* in my stock.

featured in



               Uncommon Goods

               Wv Living Magazine

               Morgantown Mag

               Edible D.C. Gift Guide

where to buy my work

Purchase online from my Etsy Shop

**Soon** I will have work available in person at

The Guild Hall Gallery on Duval Street in Key West, FL. 

If you are ever in town, please stop by and check it out!

Since I am a one woman show with limited time, my priority is stocking my in person shops and having enough inventory for shows before stocking my online shops. If you are looking for a specific piece, please reach out.  I am always here to help.

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