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Key West Tinies

by Mallymoon

I have always had a love for mini's.  I don't make "test tiles" for my work, but instead make miniature versions of mugs, vases, bowls, and I even have a tiny flask in my collection. 

If the mini turns out well, I am left with a tiny treasure :)


Key West Tinies began when my family relocated to Key West, FL in summer of 2023.  With most of my equipment in storage, I had to get creative.  I ordered a tiny pottery wheel and got to work!  For awhile, I used an old microwave to fire the mini's!  I am currently firing in a 6"x6" mini kiln (thank you Vulcan Kilns!) and I am loving how each mini is unique and fun! 


Recently, I started hiding them around Key West to hopefully make someone's day a little brighter :)


Stay tuned for updates on this venture as I will be adding them to this page soon.

xo, T.


Want a mystery tiny? 

I will send you a tiny from my stash!

Order one here.

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