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Details about custom orders...

Thank you for choosing me to make your custom piece! 

All work is my own and if you suggest something that is another artists "vision" or resembles another artists work, I will decline your request.  I will also not be allowed to make any decals that are copyrighted because, well, lawyers.

Things I need from you:

1.  A detailed description of what you envision for your piece.  Please use as much detail as you can!  If you are looking for a more wonky look, my slab built pieces are for you!  If you want a more uniform shape, my wheel thrown pieces are for you!  I am also known for using both techniques to get to the end result.  Again, please be as detailed as you can!  You can use examples of my past or current work if it helps.

2.  A drawing  (as detailed as you can make it) that sort of gives me a good idea of shape and colors and design.  This step is really important

I am not an art critic, so don't worry if your drawing isn't winning any awards.  It will get the point across to me just fine.  I am a visual person so seeing that drawing will make it so much easier to plan for your piece.  If you can make that drawing exceptional, I will include a cute little gift for making it easier for me :)  Get those art kits out!

3.  Patience.  Please give me some time to wrap my head around the design, get it nailed down with you, and then actually begin to make the piece.  Some customs take a long time.  I only take on as many custom orders as I think I can handle, so if yours is in queue, I will let you know where the timeline is for your piece.  

Here are some examples of this type of custom work:


I have simpler custom order option that could take less time to create.

These are for camp style or diner style mugs only with a simple sepia decal.


For the decal, I will need a high quality/high resolution file (PDF, EPS, JPEG). 

PLEASE make sure the design is black and white.

The typical size for an image is approx 4"x4" to fit onto the front of the mug. 

If you just want wording, please pick the font you want and send exactly as you would want it on the mug (a simple drawing would help with this!)


If you want help designing your decal, I will charge a $20 design fee, meaning your mug will be $65

If you have questions, please reach out to me, I am happy to help!

what you'll get for 45 bucks (+shipping)


One slipcast camp style mug 12oz


One slipcast diner style mug 12oz

Glazed white with pistachio green on rim and/or handle

(if you prefer all white, please let me know)

One sepia colored decal that is not copyrighted or another artists work

*unless I have written consent from them to use their design* 

I will decline any request that does not include a written and signed consent because, well, lawyers. 

And because I respect my fellow artist.

Here is an example of the type of mug you will be ordering:


camp mug

diner mug

please email details to
with "custom order" in the subject line.
i will email you back to let you know if everything looks good and I might get more details from you at that time.
Thanks again for choosing me to make your special custom piece!!! xo

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