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Some things I get asked...

Do you really make all this? 

Yes.  Every last fingerprint and wonky line is my own. My booth at shows may look like I have so much, I couldn't have possibly have made it all by myself.  Keep in mind, the work you see is what I have spent months creating (one at a time) so I want to bring it ALL (hehe)  I hope you'll come visit me at a show sometime to help me revel in my own chaos!

Do you do custom orders? 

Custom orders take a lot of my time and concentration.  At certain points in the year, when I feel I am sort of caught up, I will open custom orders.  This will be listed on my Instagram feed somewhere.  I am working on developing a custom orders section of my website to explain further. 

As of now, you can send a message to ask about custom orders and I will get back to you as soon as I can :)

Why is this so expensive? 

The price of the piece itself is based on the time it has taken me to make it and the materials I used.  If you see a mug that is smaller, but pricier, it is likely because it took a very long time to make or it is made with gold or materials that add to the price and uniqueness of the piece. I feel my work is priced reasonably considering everything that went into making it.

Do you ever offer discounts or coupons?

Yes!  When I feel it's time to discount older stock or just give customers a nice treat, I will send out marketing emails or post sales on my Instagram page.  If you are a member on my website, you will receive those emails first!  

Why is my piece taking so long to ship?

I am one person doing about 8 different jobs.  I try to ship orders quickly, but sometimes life has other plans.  Please be patient!  If I take longer than normal to ship your order, I typically send a nice little surprise as an apology :)

did you know....

I don't make "test tiles" because my time is so limited.  My testers are on actual pieces because, hey, if they turn out great, then cool.  If I feel they are not exactly as I envisioned them, I will sell them as test pieces on my website.  If they are flawed, the listing will mention the flaw.  If they aren't flawed (just a test piece I might not make again) the listing will also mention that.  These pieces are fully functional -as something- and just might be an idea I was messing around with one day in my studio that turned out okay :)  Grab those while you can!

did you ALSO know....

Every single order is packed and shipped by me.  I use whatever materials I can to get your pottery to you safely and securely.  This is typically bubble wrap, paper, packing peanuts, and whatever else I can find.  I want your piece to arrive unbroken and this usually means using some form of plastic.  If you would prefer I do not use plastic, please send a message and I will try to accommodate that request.  I respect your decision to help our planet, it's just that pottery is HEAVY! 

did you ALSO ALSO know....

Every single order comes with a small token of my appreciation.  It can be a charm, a magnet, or even a small test piece!  Sometimes, I'll thrown in something super extra like a one off mug or jewelry or a wacky little test item to clear stock!  When you order from me, you never know what surprise you'll get.  I love giving away things to give you that extra bit of joy :)

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